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“I am an America First Republican running for U.S. Congress to represent Texas, because I believe American greatness and the American people are worth fighting for.”


Nathan Davis is proud to call the Lone Star State home since 2012. He was born and raised in The Bronx and has lived in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Tennessee. Over the years, his love for the country grew as he spent significant time in 46 of the 50 states.  Nathan is a lifelong Christian (his father is a Protestant minister), an America First Republican, a Conservative fighter and is strongly pro-life. Nathan knows how lucky we as Texans are when it comes to individual freedom, security, and quality of life.  Representing Texas in the U.S. Congress, he will fight to grow our quality of life, and to prevent D.C.’s destructive policies from negatively affecting our success.

Nathan has over fifteen years’ experience in the investment and capital markets industry.  He has held multiple executive level positions on various multi-billion-dollar investment funds.  Currently, Nathan is a small business owner providing financial consulting services to small and medium size businesses.

Nathan is not a career politician.  His decision to run in the 2022 election cycle was spawned out of watching the ruling class’ sustained violence against law-abiding American working-class citizens and the burning down of their neighborhoods during 2020.  Very few nationally elected politicians stood up to the bloodshed or represented the voiceless.  That was a disgrace.  Nathan will endlessly fight to make sure this never happens again.

Since then, the policies of the feckless Biden regime have only emboldened Nathan’s resolve to run for Congress.  Our country is quickly spiraling downward for American citizens not part of the ruling class.

Inflation is skyrocketing, wages are stagnant, violence is soaring, our second amendment is under assault, unrestricted illegal immigration benefits only the ruling class, the lying press is convincing people to vote against their own self-interest, Big Tech is censoring those who don’t worship the D.C. Cathedral, our enemies don’t fear us, our allies don’t respect us, our medical choice is removed as they mandate this vaccine, our children are indoctrinated to hate, mega-cap companies push pandemic restrictions that help themselves but shut down small business, and we are only one year into this installed regime’s reign.

The only way to stop America’s decline is to not just stop the collapse, but to fight for massively reversing course.  That is what our campaign is all about.

We are a grassroots campaign and rely on our voters’ support for our collective success.  Our campaign is one of boldness fighting for the soul of both the Republican Party and this country.  We are America First in how we construct solutions to the largest issues of our time.  Our focus is protecting the interest of the American working class/middle class and small/mid-size businesses.

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Big Tech and Political Censorship

The #1 existential crisis Americans face is the draconian censorship of political perspectives and accurate information not approved by the D.C. ruling class.  Without a vibrant First Amendment, we are not a free people.

Big Tech companies have selectively de-platformed tens of thousands of individuals based on political viewpoint and have severely interfered with U.S. elections by banning accurate news/information.  Big Tech’s deployment of censorship through its monopoly status has enormous impact in manufacturing voter consent.  The censorship effectively convinces a majority of American to actively vote against their own self-interest (and for the interest of D.C. and Silicon Valley).

We must: 1) repeal Section 230 for large/mega cap companies, 2) treat Big Tech information platforms as public utilities, 3) open criminal investigations into Big Tech for human rights violations against the American people and 4) use current antitrust law to bust up the monopolies.


Vaccine Passports, Mask and Vaccine Mandates

Pro-mask mandate politicians do not wear masks, nor do they socially distance.  They wear masks as a performative act when they think they are being recorded or photographed.  This campaign firmly stands against mask mandates, as these politicians (by their own actions) indicate these rules are not serious.  If you personally choose to wear a mask, that is your choice and I support you.

We believe that the decision on whether you should get the COVID-19 vaccination is between you and your medical doctor.  The vaccine should not be mandated either by a government official or a CEO.  Companies that fire unvaccinated employees (due to a mandate) should be severely punished.

The establishment of vaccine passports will create a permanent second-class U.S. citizenry.  This is unacceptable, shameful and a national disgrace.  The unvaccinated are NOT second-class citizens, and I will fight to ensure their dignity.

We need to focus on broad accessibility of accurate: COVID-19 and antibody tests.  Natural antibodies and immunity must be a significant component in our public health policy and national conversation.

We need to open a congressional investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus, punish any criminal behavior and make sure this never happens again.


Unfair Trade, Taxes and Labor

The Biden administration’s economic policies are bringing devastation to the country.  The vaccine mandates are displacing millions of American workers, many of which are ineligible to receive unemployment benefits. Run-away inflation is disproportionately hurting salaried employees.  Biden’s trillion-dollar spending packages are crafted to benefit the D.C. Squid Game Aristocracy and punish middle-America.

The nation’s economic policies must be rooted in strengthening American small businesses, American workers, and empowering the American family.  Like many in the young Right, our main economic focus is on creating a business environment where a family can live a middle-class life on one household income.

We will fight to lower taxes on small businesses, the middle class and families.  We will levy tariffs on imported products from countries engaging in unfair trade practices and currency manipulation.  For any U.S. company offshoring/outsourcing jobs, we will remove their tax deductions and double their statutory corporate tax rate.

For national security purposes, we will require that all critical infrastructure be manufactured solely in the U.S.

During the COVID lockdowns, large companies advocated for shutting down small businesses under the guise of public health.  Of course, large companies were excluded from the lockdown mandates and reaped historic profits.  These mandated closures led to countless small and mid-size companies going out of business.  To correct this great national economic harm, we will impose a titanic monetary penalty on any large company that engaged in this immoral business practice.


Nation-wide School Freedom, Parents’ Rights and CRT

The American political class have the luxury to enroll their own children into any school they desire.  We believe every American parent should be offered that same luxury.  I will fight for nation-wide school freedom, where school dollars will follow the student instead of funding monopolistic institutions.

We believe in strengthening parents’ rights in every area of their children’s education.  Children are NOT the property of the school district.  Parents’ advocating for what is best for their children are NOT domestic terrorists.  School boards attempting to remove parents’ rights must be fiercely countered.

We oppose the application of any immoral ideology that teaches our children to hate based on identity.  To that end, we reject the implementation and use of divisive critical race theory (CRT) principles in the classroom.

We live in an incredibly competitive global economy.  For the U.S. to remain a global economic leader, our educational system must be focused on the development of trade skills and in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math).  Instead, the American classroom is structured for endless indoctrination, which is/will resulting in deep social fractures and a woefully under-skilled population.

Gun Rights

Second Amendment for All

The D.C. ruling class is armed to the teeth.  Many have personal armed security at their private residence.  They live in gated communities with 24/7 private armed security.  They live in exclusive cities with fully funded police forces.  They know firearms provide them and their families safety.

If the D.C. Mad Max Aristocracy luxuriate in the full benefits of the second amendment, then so should the American people.  We reject red flag laws, as they usurp due process.  I will fight for nation-wide conceal carry reciprocity, nation-wide constitutional carry and attacking the NFA.

For working class communities with under-funded, defunded, or abolished police departments, we will create a program to assist those families in the purchase of personal protection so that they can fully exercise their 2A rights.


American Worker First

The American people are an open and charitable people.  As a nation of immigrants, we welcome immigration.  In fact, we have welcomed tens of millions of immigrants from around the globe since the 1960s.  The U.S.A. is far more welcoming of migrants than any other country.

This loving American spirit has been manipulated by our cruel D.C. ruling class to suit their own self-interest.  Instead of moderate immigration focusing on assimilation, our rulers have opted for uncontrolled mass immigration to benefit the bottom-line profit and greed of a few D.C. connected billionaires.  Our rulers care more about sustained cheap labor than they do about human dignity.

Our open borders policy and mass immigration into the U.S. has demolished the income stability of our beautiful working poor and middle class.

I stand for bolstering the American working class’ economic mobility by strengthening their purchasing power and annual income.  To accomplish this, we stand for a merit-based, hard cap of 25,000 immigrants annually for ten years.


Increased Access, Better Quality and Lower Cost

Healthcare is an incredibly complex and difficult national problem to solve.  Many politicians and experts on both sides of the partisan aisle have attempted comprehensive fixes, but our healthcare continues to worsen. Our campaign is focused on increasing healthcare access and bolstering quality while lowering cost.

We have developed 15 policy items to address this goal:

  1. Implementation of a financial stop-loss on healthcare costs, so that no individual or family find themselves needing to file for bankruptcy to cope with medical costs.
  2. Significantly increase the number of primary care physicians by increasing medical residency positions nation-wide.
  3. Increasing the scope of practice for mid-level practitioners (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and PharmDs).
  4. Expanding access and utilization of Tele-Health.
  5. Connecting patient data across health platforms and providers (which will follow each patient throughout their lifetime).
  6. Reducing medical/health administration and overhead requirements on health-care providers.
  7. Increasing inter-state product and service competition between insurance companies.
  8. Focusing on up-front patient wellness instead of disease/sickness treatment.
  9. Lowering drug prices by wielding anti-trust laws to break up anti-competitive behavior/consolidation by Big Pharma.
  10. Banning patent manipulation (where an established drug is slightly modified to acquire patent extension) used to lengthen its pricing monopoly.
  11. Implementing price increase caps on long-established pharmaceutical drugs.
  12. Allowing CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.
  13. Expanding community-based hospitals, instead of reliance on massive, centralized hospital systems.
  14. Restructuring early-stage pharmaceutical investing to attract more financial capital into pharma innovation.
  15. Banning U.S. governmental funding of pharmaceutical research not conducted on U.S. soil.

Election Integrity 

Secure the Voting Booth

Our current voting system is structured to enable mass cheating and election fraud.  Many states do not require an ID to vote, don’t confirm citizenship when voting, and mass mail ballots with no chain of custody.

The whole purpose of the voting booth is to settle political differences peacefully.  If Americans do not believe in the integrity of U.S. elections, our enormous political divisions will only grow, and political violence will become a mainstay in American politics.

To ensure a peaceful political arena, I support requiring photo ID (linked to citizenship) to vote.  Voting must happen in-person and on a single election day.  All voter rolls must be audited annually for registration accuracy.  We must ban the mass mailing of ballots and ballot harvesting.  Absentee ballots will be allowed in only extraordinary circumstances (military and medical limitations).

Foreign Policy

Peace Through Intelligence

The U.S. has lost countless American lives and wasted trillions of dollars in misguided nation building endeavors across the globe.  America simply cannot be the world’s police force.

We do believe in having a strong, elite military.  We also believe in deploying the military only as the LAST option. Currently, we have around 800 military bases in about 80 different countries.  We believe security of the American homeland will be strengthened by drawing down our global base footprint.

Our current foreign aid apparatus is counter-productive, unintelligent, and largely wasteful of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  Foreign aid should only be provided to countries where a strategic alliance is paramount to American self-interest (not the interest of the Military Industrial Complex), and where the U.S. receives tremendous benefits in return.  Foreign aid dollars determined to be ill-used will be redeployed domestically to American infrastructure projects.

We believe enduring peace can be attained through smart, strategic negotiation and by applying the appropriate economic and political pressure as needed.  We support The Abraham Accords and will advocate for its expansion in the Middle East.


Save Lives: Increase Police Funding

The sustained movement to defund and abolish local police has directly led to skyrocketing violent crime across the country.  This increase has disproportionately affected large metropolitan cities.  Biden’s vaccine mandates have exacerbated police staffing problems by forcing the firing (and mass resignations) of thousands of police officers.

Politicians know that broad defunding of police will result in a significant increase of violent crime.  Let’s be crystal clear – politicians pushing police defunding and police abolishment are purposefully destabilizing the neighborhoods they are sworn to represent and protect.

Anti-safety politicians do this to cynically accrue more political power off the sorrow of their own constituency.  Always remember: the same politicians who want us to live like we are in the Hunger Games, they live safely under layer-upon-layer of armed police and private security.

I will ferociously oppose these evil politicians and will fight for doubling local police funding.  These funds will be utilized to increase police headcount, increase training hours, and increase starting salaries (to attract top-flight talent into law enforcement).


  • Collin County Conservative Republicans
  • The Bull Moose Project
  • Pat Greer (GOP Precinct Chairwoman)
  • Justin Adcock (GOP Precinct Chairman)
  • Colleen Aguilar-Epstein (GOP Precinct Chairwoman)
  • Cindy Hyltin (GOP Precinct Chairwoman)
  • and many more…

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