The America I was raised in championed the ideals of free speech, privacy rights, religious liberty and broad agreement around those principles. 


That is not true today.


The DC ruling class is using fear, division, and this pandemic to consolidate total power.


Our loved ones are dying alone.  While our pro-lockdown politicians party in close quarters, with no mask in sight.


They say my body my choice, yet they mandate the shot and demand to see our papers. 


Mega-cap companies are enjoying historic profits gifted by pandemic restrictions, while small businesses are closing their doors for good.


Economic policy is crafted for the sole benefit of a few DC-connected oligarchs.


Inflation, rising consumer prices and stagnant wages are crushing our working class.


Our children are indoctrinated to hate others based on their identity.


The lying, yellow press is targeting Americans as domestic terrorists.


Americans everywhere are being censored by Big Tech overlords.   


Our fellow American citizens are left stranded with their lives dependent on a merciful Taliban. 


This growing violence that we all see was once a mainstay of the inner city.  Now, the rulers are exporting it to Your Town, USA.


The corrupt live safely under layer-upon-layer of armed security.  But we are told to disarm and defund the police.  


I have seen this movie before.


I was born and raised in the Bronx, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how criminal politicians use endless violence to control the population.


This American collapse DOES NOT need to be our collective destiny.


There is a more righteous way forward.


I will fight to ensure that a full family can enjoy a middle-class American life on one household income.


We will demand all critical infrastructure be manufactured in the United States. 


We will source 100% of our energy needs domestically.


Our immigration policy must reflect the sole economic interest of the American working class.


I will champion our children’s future by mandating nation-wide school freedom.


Big Tech platforms must be treated as public utilities, so that all voices are heard. 


The Big Tech oligarchs must be criminally prosecuted for their endless censorship, election interference and human rights violations against the American people.


We will require the massive expansion of gun rights nationally. 


I will stand for the safety of every single one of our Texas communities by doubling local police funding. 


I am Nathan Davis an America First Republican running for Congress to represent Texas, because I believe American greatness and the American people are worth fighting for.